Himalayan Bar Soap (Bundle of 3)

₱320.00 ₱480.00



  • The Himalayan Beauty Bar is all natural, because it is made from a piece of salt that come from the earth. It can be used with all skin types, and leaves it feeling silky smooth. Plus, it gives you a healthy glow that will make your skin appear more youthful.


  • Salt soap is 100% crystalline salt with no chemical additives. This bar soap has deodorant properties, as well as cleaning. It does not contain any additives or colorings. It's easy to feel good about using products that are pure and environmentally friendly. The toxins are released into the bathwater through osmosis while the minerals from the crystal salt are absorbed through the skin.  


  • The soap will provide your skin with calming effects, which will help with skin inflammation and break outs. Can calm irritations, as well as leaving you with a beautiful glow.


    • Moisten and rub the salt bar between your hands, do not apply directly on your skin as your skin may feel uncomfortable and may scratch your skin. It is better to apply the salt by hand over the moistened skin. One bar of salt soap may last for 2 or 3 months. It is recommended to use it after each bath or shower initially and later, to absorb the nutrients and moisturize your skin.


    • Keep away from eyes as salt in bar will sting. Do not rub or use the way a traditional soap bar is rubbed against the body. The salt bar will scratch sensitive skin. 
    • This type of Himalayan soap is unscented. All natural salt and genuine sea salt.