HeartBowl Prosperity Deluxe

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Illuminate Any Space With The Marvelous, Pleasant And Relaxing Glow Of Our Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp


From relieving stress and calming allergies to purifying the air, Himalayan Salt Lamps offer a wide range of health and environmental benefits.

The soft light and pleasant colors coming from the Himalayan have a soothing and calming effect on our child that makes a happy baby to have a healthy environment to grow. 

Perfect for your bedroom, lounge room or office as they create a warm and soothing vibe. They are great to have on whilst sleeping to create a relaxing space. 


Our Deluxe Package consist:

  • Himalayan Salt Lamp in Heart Bowl Shaped
  • Dimmer Control Switch Cord
  • Light Bulb
  • FREE Himalayan Pink Cooking Salt
  • Perfect Gift Choice: comes in a beautiful gift box
  • Fully Assembled in Safety Packaging


  • Size: "3x6x8" inches 
  • Weight: 3-4 kgs
  • Base: Unique Onyx Marble 
  • Color: Amber Glow
  • Stylish addition in space you place it

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